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01 May 2022

Incentive Flipping

Problems with misaligned incentives in a system can be solved by using futures to flip the incentives to make the system more aligned with solving the problem.
19 Feb 2022

Decentralization Is a Quality

Decentralization is a quality. Looking at the constituents of crypto as decentralization + money provides some valuable methods to analyze the prevalence of platforms in the crypto space.
08 Feb 2022

Qualities and Business Models

Qualities of a product are influenced by societal expectations of the time they were built in. This acts as a non-obvious constraint in their evolution and could potentially lead to disruption of existing business models.
24 Jan 2022

Connecting People

A lot of companies in diverse domains connect people on some level, thinking about the commonality between them is a good first step to both understand the space as well as starting a new startup in this space.